PVC 5 Layers Pressure Spray Hose

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high-pressure spray hose is a reliable and easy-to-use option for agricultural, commercial, and pest control spraying. The high-pressure spray hose is constructed of a bright yellow ribbed PVC cover with a black PVC/Polyurethane blend tube for excellent chemical resistance.

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Tube: Non-toxic flexible PVC;

Reinforcement: 2 ply high tensile polyester fibre  braiding with 3 layers PVC;

Cover: high quality anti-UV, anti-aging  PVC material.


Being made of tough PVC materials;

High tensile polyester braiding;

Light weight, flexible, durable, anti-erosion;

Good flexibility and Non-kinking.

Application: The hose is widely used in high pressure washer, air compressors and pneumatic tools.  In agriculture, the high pressure PVC spray hose is used for spraying of pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer solution.     

For employees and workers in industries such as landscaping, petrochemical and agriculture, there are various applications where you need a heavy-duty chemical spray rig hose that is not only physically durable but also has a chemical composition that can withstand various chemical applications safely and securely. Our color-coordinated heavy-duty spray hoses are constructed out of sturdy PVC with five-ply bonded construction. That makes it durable in particularly harsh environments. From a composition perspective, our chemical spray hose is resistant to fungicide, insecticides, fertilizers and much more. Additionally, our hoses have amazing abrasion resistance and supreme flexibility so that they’re easy to use on site.

Great for Turf, Pesticide, herbicide applicator Hose. Herbicide spray, pesticide applications, tree spraying and crop spraying.

Temperature:   -10°C(-50°F)to + 65°C  (+ 150°F)


Part No.  I.D  O.D W.P. B.P. Length Weight Volume
inch mm mm psi Bar psi Bar m/roll kg/roll m3
PSH-06B 1/4″ 6.5  12.0  870 60 2610 180 100 11.26 0.017
PSH-08B1 5/16″ 8.0  13.5  870 60 2610 180 100 13.09 0.032
PSH-08B2 5/16″ 8.0  14.0  870 60 2610 180 100 14.61 0.033
PSH-08B3 5/16″ 8.5  14.0  870 60 2610 180 100 13.70  0.033
PSH-10B 3/8″ 10.0  16.0  725 50 2175 150 100 17.27 0.04
PSH-13B 1/2″ 13.0  19.0  725 50 2030 140 100 21.25 0.052

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